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Welcome to Independent Bath where for over 25 years we have provided our customers with exceptional bath and kitchen products for their homes in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Our approach to bath and kitchen products is about quality. Simply put, in deciding whether to offer products based on price point alone versus products that stand the test of time, we will choose quality every time.

This is how you will find Independent Bath and Renovations differs from our competitors. Many big box and online stores are obliged to offer products at all price points. In some ways, this meets market demand as some people prefer to spend less upfront as the thought of repairs and failure is not on the immediate horizon. But in the long term, this approach to buying a bath or kitchen product will not provide customer satisfaction. For this reason, we focus on mid to upper products to ensure the products we offer to keep our customers happy in the longer term.

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The Customer is Not Always Right

We link to all of the manufacturers we represent; however, we take care to ensure the products we offer meet our expectations of quality. If a product has a known issue, you will know about it too and an alternative will be suggested at the risk of losing the sale. Some larger manufacturers offer more than one level or tiers of product. If we believe one of these tiers is substandard and not acceptable, we will provide an explanation as to why we will not sell it.

You can trust Independent not because we say yes to every sale but because we are willing to say NO. We appreciate this approach is not a fit for every customer. Although it might challenge some, for the customers who have come to rely on us for our expertise, we believe it is the right approach.

If this approach rings true to you in terms of how you shop for products, we look forward to serving you.


Are the mid-grade kitchen and bath products expensive?

Sometimes the difference between an entry-level or builder grade product and a mid-grade product is only 10 or 20 percent, sometimes the difference in cost is substantially more. However, we believe expensive means having to do it all again soon. Once the cost of repairing or replacing substandard product is factored in, mid-grade products can provide significant savings in the long term.

Will you ship?


Do you ship for free?

This depends on the order size and where the product is being shipped to.

Do you offer seniors/builders/volume discounts?


Will you match competitor pricing?

It depends but not always. Call for details.

Will you sell parts if the item was not purchased through Independent?

Not at this time.

We’ve curated the best products from the most respected manufacturers to ensure that your project has nothing but the best.

Our product selection, design, planning, and construction expertise ensure that you’ve challenged every assumption and nailed down the best solution for your particular set of needs.

Tell Us About Your Project

We work with you to assess your options that make the most sense for your future plans and project budget. We’ll help you determine not only the best products and finishes but work with you to plan your whole space.

If you are interested in discussing a project with Independent Bath, you can contact us using the contact form below, or you can call us or visit our showroom.