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There is perhaps no other area in a home that can provide as much convenience to our daily bathing routine as a properly outfitted shower.

Today, bathing has evolved to where most people shower regularly and rarely get into a bathtub. The old real estate adage that modern homes must have a bathtub is being challenged due to changing needs ranging from customers who simply do not have time to lounge in a tub, to customers who want to age in place in their own homes.

If a shower renovation is on your horizon, there are many amazing features and benefits available today that were simply not available in years past.

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When planning shower renovations, these are the top 10 areas to consider:

Size, Shape & Layout

The footprint of the shower is driven by a variety of factors: the desired size, availability of space, budget, and materials. Fortunately, there are very few limitations in terms of shape or size that cannot be achieved. Independent Bath & Renovations in-house design team can help you determine a layout that best suits your needs given the space available. Many samples can be seen in our showroom.

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Shower Surround Materials

We offer a variety of options for shower walls or shower surrounds to suit every need. These options include gorgeous tile options from luxury tile supply houses around the world. Tile has never been more beautiful, and the artisan choices available today are simply amazing.

For those who prefer ultra-low maintenance options, we offer engineered products like non-porous cultured granite & marble, Corian and Quartz. These products are installed without grout so they clean up very easily. For a sophisticated look, materials can be combined for texture and interest while still easy to maintain.

Shower Doors & Glass

Standard and custom glass options provide both protection from water damage as well as design touches that highlight the style of the room.

Shower doors are available in a variety of glass thicknesses, finishes and opening styles from barndoor sliders with overhead hardware to pivoting doors and partial glass partitions. We show a variety of options in our showroom displays. Factory-installed glass finishes are also available to help with cleaning. We also offer water softening equipment to help keep showers sparkling like new.

Valve Options

A carefully chosen shower valve will provide many years of consistent service. Choose from a variety of solid-bodied valves from one of our premium manufacturers including Grohe, Kohler, Riobel, and Rubinet. Valve choices are available in pressure-balanced, thermostatic, in-wall and external applications. Let us explain the differences and help you decide which option is best for you.

Shower Fixtures: Heads, Jets & Hand Showers

The feel and function of the spray heads in your shower make a great difference in terms of performance and enjoyability. From simple fixed showerheads to showers configured with multiple fixtures and custom body sprays, Independent Bath & Renovations is able to deliver a shower experience to meet your expectations. Shower options should be properly laid out and provide years of reliable service. Options available today both conserve water and provide a luxurious shower experience.

Shelving & Storage

Having ample room to store bathing products is often overlooked in shower design. In fact, after 30 years, we have never heard a customer say they wish they had installed fewer places to store things. Current storage options included in-wall niches, ledges, corner shelves and shelving with integrated support rails. Our showroom displays show a variety of options to meet your needs and style preferences.

Seating & Benches

Having a place to sit in a shower enhances the bathing experience in terms of comfort, safety, and convenience. Benches can be built or added to a shower, but it is key that seating is considered at the planning stage as adding a bench later can provide a bigger challenge. Built-in benches capped with non-porous materials, wall-mounted folding wood benches and even free-standing benches are all great choices. View our website gallery, supplier links, and showroom today for available options.

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Support Rails & Grab Bars

Beautiful support rails are now available to provide both safety and design touches to complement the modern shower. We believe support rails or grab bars should be considered as part of universal design as they benefit people of any age. Invisia has done an excellent job incorporating secondary functions to support rails by adding this function into shelving and towel bars. With stainless steel construction, they provide many years of support and beauty, without that dated institutional look.

Barrier-Free Showers and Wet Rooms

Barrier-free showers and wet rooms, also known as curbless showers or roll-in showers are increasing in popularity for a variety of reasons. Some of our customers return from travelling abroad and fall in love with the idea of converting an entire room into a shower space. We are happy to accommodate this request and we are here to help you determine the logistics and costs associated with this kind of renovation. Barrier-free showers are an excellent option where customers have limited mobility and require more space to shower for a variety of reasons.

Lighting, Sound & Steam

Final touches in a shower can include adding a task light or specialty lighting to brighten or accent the space, or adding audio so you can listen to your favourite music or morning show while you shower.

Adding steam provides a soothing experience, for both cleansing and transforms your bathroom into your own personal spa. At Independent Bath & Renovations, steam showers are always a custom built-in order to meet the level of quality our customers expect.

Interested in discussing a shower renovation project with us?
Independent Bath & Renovations – Edmonton
“shower renovation experts”
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Frequently Asked Shower Renovation Questions

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Can you put a shower where my current bathtub is?

Yes, converting a bathtub into a shower is a common renovation for us which provides a spacious 5-foot shower.

Which is more expensive, installing a shower or a bathtub?

The budgets for both showers and bathtubs are in the same neighbourhood. Tub/shower combos will have a slightly lower budget if no door is installed.

Do I need a bathtub in my house?

The old real estate agents adage that all homes need a tub was started way back at the advent of indoor plumbing. Although it is true that young families like to see a bathtub in the home for bathing small children, we ask customers to think about how long they plan on being in their home and what their bathing habits are in order to help them determine their needs.

What does a shower renovation cost in Edmonton?

Showers will range in cost but using mid-grade materials for longevity and qualified trades for installation warranty, showers will start in the $9,000 – $12,000 range and up.

Is financing available for shower renovations?

Yes. Call for details.

Can you change a valve trim or door in my existing shower?

Yes with some limitations and considerations. Contact our showroom for details. 

Tell Us About Your Shower Renovation Project

At Independent Bath & Renovations, we are able to take on bathroom projects of any size and scope from renovating an existing shower to developing a new bathroom in your home.

Our trades are in-house and qualified and we have been a home renovator for over 30 years in the greater Edmonton area. Our goal is to provide you with solutions that stand the test of time, meet your needs and add value to your home investment.

Thank you for visiting  Independent Bath & Renovations. We look forward to meeting you!

Our Work

All of these photos are shower renovation projects we have completed in the Edmonton area.

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Interested in discussing a shower renovation project with us?
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