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Welcome to Independent Bath & Renovations. Locally owned and operated, we provide quality kitchen renovations in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We started our business with one simple idea: to build long term relationships with customers by providing excellent products and services.

 edmonton kitchen renovation - new white cabinets and quartz countertop

That idea has worked, and for over 30 years, we have built a growing and loyal customer base. Today, approximately 80% of our kitchen renovation work comes from repeat customers and the friends and family they refer. Thank-you Edmonton!

We believe a well-built, well-designed kitchen speaks for itself. Our strength is making kitchen renovations easy by eliminating the guesswork. Our customers appreciate the simplicity we offer where everything they need can be picked under one roof and installed by our very own in-house trades.

We ensure long-lasting solutions by sourcing products we trust and by fabricating your kitchen cabinetry in our own cabinet shop.

Independent Bath & Renovations – Edmonton
Kitchen Renovation / Remodeling
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Our Process

Kitchens are the heart of the home and this universal passion is shared by Independent Bath & Renovations. Our kitchen design team aims to help bring your vision to life. We follow a simple, well laid out quoting and kitchen renovation process to make it easy:


We begin with a showroom consultation to assess the customer’s wish list and scope of work. Whatever your needs, a showroom consult is a time to discover the broad strokes, enabling us to assign proper budgets into your quote. In this way, we can respect your time investment in building a plan together.

Site Assessment

With your wish list in hand, a site assessment is conducted to measure and assess. Nothing is left to chance so that the best solutions are brought forward with your budget in mind.  We are often told by customers, the best investment they made in terms of planning was to involve us early.

Planning & Quoting

Our designers will map out kitchen cabinetry, ensuring ease of use, and proper flow in the room. All components and labour are compiled and made ready to present. This is the customer’s first look to assess budget; allowing an opportunity to adjust their options. Once changes are made and we determine we are proceeding together, design selections are scheduled. This is where the magic takes place!

More Information: click to see four Edmonton kitchen renovation cost examples lower down on this page.


We can accommodate a wide variety of kitchen design styles including: modern, classic, contemporary and transitional. We assist in our showroom’s kitchen design gallery where customers choose custom cabinetry in stained hardwoods, and durable thermofoils, countertops from non-porous quartz and laminate options, flooring and backsplash choices from top-rated manufacturers, colour palette and a host of other details.

When completed, all materials are ordered and the kitchen cabinets are fabricated. We receive everything needed prior to starting your job by design. In this way, the time we spend renovating in your home is efficient.

More Information: click to see our kitchen designer page

edmonton kitchen renovation company - stainless steel appliances

Renovation and Completion

When we begin renovating, customers are often amazed at the care we take in their home. Flooring is covered and protected, dust extractors used during the demo, scheduling is professionally managed, and the trades shine with expertise, pride, and craftsmanship.

The elements come together, providing you and your home with the results you have been waiting for.

Our goal is to enhance your lifestyle by creating a space the chef(s) in your home will appreciate and your family and friends will enjoy for many years to come.

Independent Bath & Renovations – Edmonton
Kitchen Renovation / Remodeling
Interested in discussing a kitchen renovation project with us?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have in-house kitchen designers?

Yes, we have been designing Edmonton’s dreams for over 30 years! We design kitchens based on cabinetry layout and flow and provide complete colour selections for countertops and tile selections from our in-house design gallery. We bring to the table great ideas and design choices that will bring your vision to life!

How long will a kitchen renovation take?

Job lengths vary due to size and scope however these timelines come into play: customers can expect about a month to quote a design a room including site measures and showroom viewings. Once jobs are signed and ordered, allow 6 to 8 to until job start which fluctuates throughout the year. Installation times will vary but average 4 to 6 weeks depending on complexity. More accurate time estimates can be given once a project has been assessed.

Is kitchen cabinet refacing a good idea?

Yes, (where appropriate). It depends, as there are a number of factors that influence whether refacing is a good investment, or if cabinets should be replaced. Companies that only do kitchen cabinet refacing will always say refacing is the right way to go as it is their only option. We are happy to assess if this option makes sense for your kitchen.

kitchen renovations - edmonton - fully renovated kitchenWill our kitchen renovation contractors install products purchased elsewhere?

Our policy is to install what we supply (with some exceptions). By procuring or fabricating products we trust, we have control over quality. By procuring products that we can count on means the customer is not left guessing what will work and what will not. This ensures we can offer great warranties.

Are your kitchen renovation quotes free?

The short answer is no. The longer answer speaks to value as “free” can be a costly proposition down the road. Competitors estimating at no charge tend to minimize their time by using square footage averages. Rather than giving an estimate, we build contract ready quotes. Quality quotes and layouts take time, add value, protect customers and keep everyone happy. Our kitchen renovation quote fees are modest and refunded back to the project if it proceeds (some exceptions apply).

How much does a kitchen renovation cost in Edmonton?

Kitchen renovations in Edmonton will range from $40,000 to $100,000 and up… using mid-range materials (for longevity) and qualified trades If partial kitchen renovations are being undertaken, the budget may be lower. Factors that would take budgets up would include job scope, materials specified and upgrades. The scope of work could mean increasing the size of the room or changing the layout of the kitchen. An upgrade could be adding heated tile floors, premium countertops, cabinet organizers, or specialty fixtures. Kitchen appliances are also a budget consideration.

Do you do partial kitchen renovations?
Yes, our trades can accommodate partials renovations all the way up to home additions.

Are your renovation trades qualified?
Yes, qualified and in-house.

Are you insured?
Yes, we are bonded and insured.

Do you provide references?
Yes, we provide references.  As well, please check out our online reviews and ratings.
Check out our reviews page here

We maintain an A+ rating with the Edmonton Better Business Bureau

Google Reviews 4.4 out of 5 (15+ reviews)

Homestar Reviews 97% Rating (30+ reviews)

The greatest compliment we receive is how easy and seamless it was to work with us. We truly love it when the next call we get is from your friends and neighbours. Our customers expect a high value with low stress. We deliver by using a process our qualified team has developed over the past 30 years. Your home is an investment and a very personal one that we take seriously and with great pride in what we do.

Thank you for considering us for your next kitchen renovation project. We’ll work with you to assess your options that make the most sense for your future plans and project budget. We’ll help you determine not only the best products and finishes but work with you to plan your whole space.

Independent Bath & Renovations – Edmonton
Kitchen Renovation / Remodeling
Interested in discussing a kitchen renovation project with us?

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Our Edmonton Kitchen Renovation Work

All of these photos are kitchen renovation projects we have completed in the Edmonton area.

To view our full kitchen renovation gallery, click here.

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Kitchen in Edmonton?

Using mid-range materials and qualified tradespeople, you can expect to pay between $30,000 and $100,000 for a complete kitchen renovation in Edmonton. Partial renovations and small spaces may be less. Larger luxury rooms may fall above this range. Factors include the size of the room, the scope of work and the products chosen. For example, see the four case studies with pictures and pricing provided below.

Welcome to Independent Bath and Renovations. We are an Edmonton kitchen renovation company that’s been serving the greater Edmonton area for over three decades. If you haven’t yet visited our showroom, we invite you to come down to discuss the project you are planning.

Case Study 1 – New Riverbend Contemporary

$30,862 + $1000 in extras

In this kitchen, the cabinets were in great condition, so they remained in place and were painted out for a more current look. Undercabinet lighting and valence were added as was new hardware. The countertops were replaced with luxury quartz along with a freshly tiled backsplash. A new sink and faucet were installed as well as some new electrical. The flooring was protected and remained.

Case Study 2 – Old Riverbend, Euro Modern

$39,515 + $500 in extras.

In this kitchen, the cabinetry was replaced with modern Euro-style cabinets in the custom colours the customer was looking for. The countertops were done in quartz with a simple tiled backsplash. There was no floor plan change in this room. The flooring was protected and stayed. The lighting and ceiling were not touched. We met this customer through a bathroom renovation several years ago. We were glad they returned to us and report loving their new room.

Case Study 3 – Old Riverbend, Structural Beam Work

$79,692 – Extras included in total

This kitchen had everything done. Including new cabinetry, quartz countertops, and tile backsplashes, main sink, prep sink, garburator, undercabinet lighting, new flooring, paint, and electrical upgrades.

At the request of the customer, this kitchen was opened up to give it a more open concept that required structural beam work. This job had an atypically large extra bill (approximately $15,000) due to beam work which could not be pre-quoted, but the customer was expecting. This extra is included in the above total.

Case Study 4 – Old Riverbend, Luxury in Hardwoods


This kitchen was a complete remodel that included removing walls for a more open concept with beam work required. Custom stained hardwood cabinetry throughout with quartz cabinetry, tiled backsplashes, a lighting package, electrical upgrades, gas work, and all the bells and whistles. A similar kitchen would quote out at over $100,000.

Project Timing and Kitchen Renovation Costs

Beyond the product and labour costs of renovating a kitchen, there are qualifying factors we consider that also speak to the budget. Being aware of options and pitfalls helps us provide customers with solutions that protect their investment.

Ensuring long-term relationships with our clients means needing to understand more than just components of the job. As a mid-range contractor, it is helpful for us to understand:

  • How long does the client plan to stay in the home?
  • What is the budget for the kitchen renovation?
  • Are there other renovations on the horizon that may require funds?
  • Is the customer interested in doing any of the work themselves to save on cost (demo, painting, etc.)?
  • What is the wish list and timelines for the project?

Generally, we like to hear customers are planning to live in the homes they renovate for the long haul in order to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of the project. But when customers plan to sell their homes soon, the ROI becomes more difficult to deliver.

Different reports suggest kitchen renovations deliver an ROI of anywhere from 60 – 100%. This is a huge range that provides a strong case to be cautious and conservative in planning renovations prior to a move and sometimes not doing them at all.

At Independent Bath and Renovations, we realize each kitchen we remodel is as unique as the customers we have the pleasure of serving. Likewise, every kitchen we design takes many variables into account for both form, function and finish.

But regardless of the scope of work or budget involved, our clients can rest easy knowing we will provide professional inspired solutions, quality products that last, installed to perfection by our qualified staff who take as much pride in their work as you do in your home.

Visit us today to discuss the dreams you have for your kitchen renovation.

Independent Bath & Renovations – Edmonton
Kitchen Renovation / Remodeling
Interested in discussing a kitchen renovation project with us?

please contact us
call us 780-462-7786
or visit our kitchen design showroom,
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2856 Calgary Trail NW Edmonton

Frequently Asked Questions
Are kitchen designers available?

Yes,  our in-house kitchen design staff have a great deal of experience having designed many beautiful kitchens in Edmonton and the surrounding area over the past 30 years.

Are Canadian products available?

Yes, many fine Canadian products are available to choose from including plumbing fixtures and local cabinetry.

How long does it take to install a kitchen?

Kitchen installation times vary according to the size of the room and scope of work involved. We are better able to give our customers an idea of timelines after we have had a chance to assess.

How far out are jobs booking?

On average, customers can expect a kitchen remodel/renovation to start within six to eight weeks after all of the products are fabricated and received. Exceptions include the customer’s own schedule, time of year, and order volumes.

Do you charge for kitchen renovation/remodel quotes?

Yes, our kitchen renovation quoting fees are modest and in place to ensure your project is properly assessed… the quoting fees are refunded back into the project, should it proceed.

What is not included in a professional kitchen renovation quote?

Kitchen renovation quotes are comprehensive. We endeavour to minimize extras to 5% to 10% of the project with some exceptions. Extras are laid out in the contract so customers know what items will be added to the final bill at the end of the job. Exceptions include unforeseen items, and items difficult to estimate with a non-destructive quote.

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