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Welcome to Independent Bath and Renovations, we are a locally owned Edmonton bathroom renovation company. We often are asked about the differences between choosing a bathtub liner vs a bathtub replacement. As a bathroom renovation company, serving Edmonton and the area for over 30 years, we have invested a great deal of time and thought into the kinds of bathtubs and tub surrounds we offer our customers. So let us try and explain why we don’t recommend fitted tubs.

Bathtub Liners / Fitted Tubs

*Low quality – not recommended

Tub liners are overlays designed to fit over the top of an existing bathtub and tub walls. They provide a cosmetic improvement to the tub area and cost about three-quarters of the cost to remove and replace with a quality new tub.

Bathtub Replacement or Tub Liner Installation? - tile flange issues


  • Any mold in the wall will remain (just covered over)
  • Limited options and styles
  • Installed without a tile flange (leak risk)
  • Short term solution

When a new bathtub is installed, a tile flange extends up from the tub up the wall behind the tile making up a part of a proper water-proofing system. Like a shingle on a roof, this prevents water from penetrating the wall preventing mold and rot from forming.

This is not the case with a tub liner and walls as only a bead of silicone connects the wall and tub liner together (no tile flange). We believe this form of waterproofing is insufficient. Silicone can crack or lift and when this happens, leaks occur between the old tub and liner. This issue can be easily confirmed by doing an internet search including the name of a company that does tub liner installs along with the word LEAK.

Gelcoat Fibreglass Tub & Surround

*Low quality – not recommended

Bathtubs and tub wall kits made of Gelcoat fiberglass are popular with entry-level home builders and big box stores as they are inexpensive. The lifespan of Gelcoat fiberglass, however, is very short.


  • Short lifespan
  • Cracks easily
  • Repairability is short term

We have seen far too many heartbroken new home buyers come to us with failed gelcoat bathtubs and tub surrounds only a few short years after purchasing a new home. To confirm this is a problem, search the internet for BATHTUB REPAIRS to see how many service companies profit from the failure of fiberglass tub surrounds.

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Prograde Acrylic Tubs

*High quality – recommended


  • Long lifespan and warranty
  • Easy to clean. Smooth finish
  • Many styles and options available

Prograde acrylic bathtubs look somewhat similar to gelcoat fiberglass, but this is where the similarity ends. Acrylic has a smoother finish (like glass as opposed to an orange peel) and as you would expect from a premium product, prograde acrylic bathtubs carry long warranties.

Prograde acrylic bathtubs are the tub of choice for our renovations and are well worth the investment offering years of problem-free service. They are available in many styles and sizes, and have available upgrades like jets, heated backrests, heated shells, specialty lighting, and aromatherapy.

Acrylic Tub Surrounds & Tub Walls

*High quality – recommended (some drawbacks)

Benefits & Drawbacks:

  • Long lifespan and warranty
  • Easy to clean. Smooth glass finish
  • Bulky

Acrylic tub surrounds are made of a quality product as described above but tend to be bulky using up a lot of elbow room in the tub & shower area. For this reason, they are rarely the first choice for our customers and we no longer show acrylic wall sets in our showroom.

Tile Tub Surrounds

*High quality – recommended


  • Long lifespan with proper installation
  • Many styles and colours available
  • Custom look and feel
  • Available in easy to maintain large format

About half of the tub surrounds we install are in done in midgrade and premium tile. The colour and style options available in tile are unprecedented and beautiful. Larger format tiles are generally preferred as they reduce grout lines making the surround easy to maintain.

Many customers appreciate the timeless, handcrafted, custom look of a tiled tub surround. When installed by professional tradespeople like us, you can expect many, many years of problem-free service from the gorgeous tile.

Engineered or Cultured Granite & Marble Tub Surrounds

*High quality – recommended


  • Long lifespan
  • Non-porous, easy to clean, and maintain
  • Many styles and colours available
  • Custom look and feel

Engineered stone products are installed with minimal seams and no grout making them both beautiful and very easy to maintain. A variety of colours and designs are available but unlike true stone, they are non-porous making them stain resistant.

Tile can also be used in conjunction with this product to border or highlight a tub surround adding colour, texture, and interest. Engineered or cultured stone provides a custom look to suit many styles. It is no wonder that about half of the tub surrounds we install to include this durable, easy-to-maintain product.

Interested in discussing a bathtub renovation project with us?
Independent Bath & Renovations – Edmonton

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your trades qualified?

Yes! Our trades are qualified, licensed, bonded, and trained in our in-house processes that exceed building code.

Will you install enameled steel or enameled cast iron tubs?

These two products are very different from one another. Enameled steel has become problematic and too lightweight for us to offer. It tends to chip or pop easily. Enameled cast iron, however, has very good durability but is extremely heavy with limited applications. Call our showroom for details, or to discuss options.

Can you recommend a tub repair or refinishing service?

In rare situations, some tubs are worth repairing, but far too many are not. We are happy to discuss your options. We do not, however, recommend reglazing, painting, or refinishing a bathtub.

Will you install products purchased elsewhere?

To ensure we are able to stand behind our renovations with great warranties, we tend to only install the products we sell with rare exceptions. Please call our showroom for details.

Do you offer warranties?

Yes! We offer industry-leading product and labour warranties.

What is the starting cost to remove and replace a bathtub and surround in Edmonton?

Using mid-grade materials installed by qualified tradespeople, a new bathtub and surround renovation will start in the $7000 to $10000 range depending on the scope of work, options chosen, and discounts offered. Stop in at our showroom for seasonal promotions, or to discuss our quoting process.

How do I get a quote?

Budgets can be discussed in our showroom where we have a variety of options on display. Call or visit us to discuss our quoting process.

Will you do just a partial bathroom renovation in Edmonton?

Yes! Visit our showroom to discuss your bathroom renovation needs today.

How long does it take to renovate just a tub and surround?

Depending on the scope of work and product choices, a tub and surround renovation can take two days or three days. When specialty features or custom glass is required, the renovation may take longer.

Will you remove the old tub?

Yes! We can remove and dispose of the old tub. During demolition, we use dust extractors, and floors and surfaces are protected.

Do you offer bathroom renovation financing?

Yes. Call us for details.

Can a bathtub be replaced with a shower?

Yes! Removing bathtubs and replacing them with showers are some of our most popular bathroom renovations.

Interested in discussing a bathtub renovation project with us?
Independent Bath & Renovations – Edmonton

please contact us
call us 780-462-7786
or visit our showroom, click here for directions
2856 Calgary Trail NW Edmonton

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Our approach to bathroom renovations is to start with mid-grade materials (as a minimum) and install them with our own in-house qualified tradespeople. We believe a job worth doing is worth doing well and that the extra money to do a job right results in the longevity and peace of mind you would expect from a job well done.

Taking this approach has resulted in 80% of our customer base coming from repeat customers and referrals. We invite you to visit our showroom where you can view sample suites and the options we display. Please check out our reviews online, and at the Better Business Bureau. We look forward to meeting you!


We work with you to assess options that make the most sense for your future plans and project budget. We’ll help you determine not only the best products and finishes, but we’ll work with you to plan your whole space.

If you are interested in discussing a project with Independent Bath, you can contact us using the contact form below, call us, or visit our showroom.